News and Forthcoming Events

This page contains details of research projects, conferences and events, and carers workshops which might be of interest to anyone concerned about eating disorders. Eating Disorders Awareness Week, National Carers Week and the Carers/ Family Conference are annual events. Details and links are provided below.
Bulimia Boy Blog Rob has bravely written about his struggles with bulimia for Case Study 5 on this website. You can visit his blog at: Men Get Eating Disorders Too – Live chat Live chat will consists of arranged online meetings that male sufferers and their carers can join to share experiences, discuss issues relating to eating disorders and participate in peer support. You can join no matter what your age or where you are and we encourage people at all stages of recovery to participate, whether you are seeking help for the first time or are currently undergoing or have even finished treatment. If you have recovered from an eating disorder you are welcome to join as others will benefit from your insight and experience. The meetings will initially be held every other Wednesday from 7.30-9pm. For details visit:
Beat Announces Recovery Club beat hosts a monthly online ” Recovery Club” session. (usually on a Wednesday between 6.30pm to 8pm). The sessions are aimed at young people aged 14 – 25 who need support with their eating. For further info please email the project officer: or follow the link:
Research Projects Research is essential to ensure people with eating disorders are given the best chance. There are various research projects ongoing which you might be interested in joining. Please scroll down for details of the following projects: 1. KING’S COLLEGE LONDON – Males with or without eating disorders 2. Beat: New Online Recovery Club for Young People with Eating Disorders 3. Males recovering from eating disorders If you are interested in other projects please visit
Carers Workshops EATING DISORDERS – A TIME FOR CHANGE TOOLS & TECHNIQUES FOR CARERS Veronica Kamerling periodically runs a series of workshops in London assist carers in their role of looking after someone with an eating disorder, by introducing them to new skills, giving information and building up confidence. For bookings or more information please contact Veronica on 01256 704117, email, or visit her website at Forthcoming Conferences Men Get Eating Disorders Too The team at MGEDSToo hold a variety of events throughout the year to raise awareness and support the needs of men with eating disorders. For further info contact Sam Thomas at or visit
Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013 – 11 – 17 February This event is held every year and is run by beat (Eating Disorders Association). beat organises a variety of events to raise awareness as do beat volunteers around the country. Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a chance to raise awareness and understanding of this serious mental illness, challenge stereotypes and stigmas and raise funds for Beat. During Eating Disorders Awareness Week, get together with work colleagues, friends or family to fundraise for Beat and help us support people affected by eating disorders and their families, friends and carers.
How will you wear yours? Here are some ideas to get you started: · Organise a silly socks day at work or school and ask everyone to donate £1 · Decorate your socks in Beat colours · Take part in a sponsored event in your silliest socks · Knit, crochet or make your own socks and sell them to your friends and family or on Ebay for Beat · Encourage your sports team to wear silly socks for a match or training session · Make and sell sock shaped cookies · Shop online at SockShop and support Beat. Enter the code BEAT into the gift voucher code box when shopping online at SockShop and 10% of the goods value will be donated to Beat. The code cannot be used with any other promotional code and is only valid at until 17 February 2013. We would love to hear what you’re doing, email or call 01603 753336 and don’t forget to send us your pictures for our Sock it to eating disorders photo gallery! You will help us continue to support people affected by eating disorders. Beat’s helplines provide a vital lifeline and we rely on donations to keep them open six days a week for everyone who needs them. You can help people like this caller: “I couldn’t have gone to see my GP without contacting Beat first and talking to someone on their helpline. I felt so low and so desperate and felt that no one was going to believe me or take any notice of me. Beat saved my life.” For more details visit
National Carers Week Carers Week – 10 to 16 June, 2013 Prepared to Care? – the 2013 Carers Week campaign – will focus on how the UK’s current carer population is coping, how effectively Government is supporting the growing numbers of carers, and whether the wider population is prepared for future caring responsibilities. Through Prepared to Care? Carers Week will highlight the impact of caring on daily life and, with an ageing population and higher incidence of disability and serious illness, encourage the public to think whether they could manage a caring role. Prepared to Care? will also help those already caring to make sure they are accessing all the practical and emotional support they need to care safely and look after themselves. A new report to be published for Carers Week will highlight to government the changes required to improve the lives of carers and the people they care. Carers Week takes place every year to recognise and celebrate the 6.5 million people throughout the UK caring, unpaid, for a family member or friend who is ill, frail or has a disability. Every day at least 6,000 people start caring. Becoming a carer can impact significantly on a person’s life – it takes time, energy, can leave you isolated and can be costly. Running from Monday 10 to Sunday 16 June 2013, some 2,000 organisations will be involved in over 10,000 Carers Week Prepared to Care? events. Registration for groups keen to participate will open in late February. run by the Carers Week Consortium will be held from 18-24June 2012. The theme this year is “In sickness and in health”. We are asking carers how much does your caring role impact on your health and wellbeing? Are you worried that the cuts to services from statutory agencies and government will make you shoulder more of the burden? Are you already feeling the effects of cuts to local services, if so, we’re keen to hear how its affecting your life. For more details visit